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3000LPH Flow meter

  • O-Ring Material: Nitrile
  • Float Material: SS316/PVC
  • Temperature Limit: 70 °C
  • Pressure Limit: 10g/cm²


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The Rotameter’s operation is based on the variable area principle: fluid flow raises a float in a tapered tube, increasing the area for passage of the fluid.

The greater the flow, the higher the float is raised. The height of the float is directly proportional to the flow rate.

The float reaches the stable position in the tube when the upward force entered by the flowing liquid equals the downwards gravitational force entered by the weight of the float.

Meter Body Construction    Molded Polycarbonate
Accuracy    ± 2% of FSD
End Connectors    Engineering Thermoplastic
O-Ring Material    Nitrile
Float Material    SS316/PVC
Temperature Limit    70 °C
Pressure Limit    10g/cm²